Brazilian Mothers of IllinoisJan 15th 2015

Brazilian Mothers of Illinois

“The Brazilian Mothers of ILinois, MBIL, Mães Brasileiras de Illinois was created to instill Brazil’s culture and language in our children and to create family-like ties with fellow Brazilians living in Illinois. The members of the group offer each other support, friendship and understanding. We share advice on adapting to a foreign culture and raising children in America while fostering the traditions of Brazil.” MBIL

O MBIL foi criado no dia 9 de fevereiro de 2009 e tem como principal intuito cultivar a cultura brasileira e desenvolver a língua portuguesa, por meio de atividades voltadas para crianças brasileiras morando em Illinois, nos Estados Unidos.

To find out how you can be part of the group, ask questions, exchange food recipes, children’s books, schools for your kids, be on picnics and celebrate the holidays, plan an event, and get that caring support.

Please Contact: Mariana Sgarbi (MBIL)


Article by: Virna Souza [BrazilChicago]